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Breakfast - Breakfast

Waffle Combo


Egg Style:Sunny Side Up Easy Medium Hard Over Easy Over Medium Over Hard Soft Scramble Scrambled Hard Scramble
Egg Extras:Add Avocado +$1.50Add Cheese +$1Add Bacon +$1Add Dice Tomatoes +$1Add Bell Pepper +$1Add Grilled Onion +$1Add Onion +$1Add Mushrooms +$1
Choice of Breakfast Protein:Bacon Sausage 1 Bacon & 1 Sausage Sub Sunny Side Egg Sub Easy Egg Sub Medium Egg Sub Hard Egg Sub Over Easy Egg Sub Over Medium Egg Sub Over Hard Egg Sub Soft Scramble Egg Sub Scrambled Egg Sub Hard Scramble Egg
Add Breakfast Side:Side Bacon +$2Side Eggs (2) +$2Side Sausage +$2Side Hash Browns +$2