Our Story

vintage photo of person with parachuteThe story begins in a little town called Vincenza, Italy where a couple army buddies find and fall in love with a little burger and brew pub called Septembres.

On payday, the entire base burst through the gates and hit the first local bar- Septembres.  They would proceed to take over the bar, party like rockstars and shut the place down.  Each year, many of the soldiers meet for an annual reunion and reminisce about the "best time of their lives" spent at Septembres in Vicenza.  Unbreakable bonds were made there and many hangovers created!

Rancho Cucamonga and the surrounding communities needed a place to make their own.  A place to flock to with great friends and create lasting memories.  A place to get awesome food and share drinks with friends and strangers alike.  Septembers was the only name that could sum it all up in one!

Septembres in Italy is closed now, so founders Mike and Jennifer Towles decided to open Septembers here.

Good food. Good drinks. Great people.

Flock here.